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    • iOS v4.2: Easily upload and share videos with friends
      Dearly beloved video believers, We are gathered here today in the presence of Blog so you may download the just-released Vimeo iOS update. Now you may join your iPhone in holy technology and be fruitful and multiply your video productivity as such: Easily upload from your Camera Roll Upload videos already on your iPhone or iPad directly to Vimeo in just a fe
    • A skateboarding spectacle
      Cy Kuckenbaker makes documentary videos that seem downright impossible. His latest, created in collaboration with Vimeo (that's us!) and a company you may have heard of called Microsoft, takes skateboarding as its subject matter. The scene is familiar: there's sun, concrete, and California vibes. But the uncanny choreography of grinds, airs, and fl
    • View videos quicker with the all-new Vimeo channel for Roku
      Earlier this month, we passed our Apple TV peeps an awesomely updated viewing experience. And now it's the Roku clan's turn to receive. Our completely redesigned Roku channel makes it even easier to imbibe buckets of amazing videos on Vimeo. When you log in to Vimeo, you’ll see the Staff Picks Channel and Vimeo On Demand Collections right smack on
    • Vimeo On Demand: a viewer’s best friend
      With over 11,000 titles being sold directly by their creators, Vimeo On Demand is brimming with amazing things to watch. Since there’s so much to see, we don’t want you wasting time trying to get the films and series you purchase onto various screens. That’s why we’ve made it ridiculously quick and simple to stream Vimeo On Demand right on your TV. So easy,
    • Staff Favorites July 2014: featuring "Barcelona Go!" by Rob Whitworth
      July is dead and gone. All we're left with are memories — sweet, sweet memories. Oh, and all these great videos! They, unlike many of the characters in this strangely violent month of Staff Pick Favorites, will live forever and ever — or at least until the Internet shuts down. It wasn't all flaming arrows, jealous lovers, and botched robberies thou

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