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    • Join Vimeo in supporting net neutrality
      In July, we asked you to help us protect an open Internet. Today, we’re joining forces with our digital brethren including Etsy, Reddit, and Kickstarter, to once again ask that you help us fight the FCC’s proposed rule — one that would bring an end to the net neutrality we know and love. This time, we’re asking you to call your Senators and tell them you’re
    • Short film selections, straight from TIFF to your screen
      Last September, we sent a small cohort of Vimeans north to hand out $10,000 advances to filmmakers at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). This year, we’re elated to be sponsoring the TIFF Short Cuts competition and give selected films a cozy home on our platform. We’ve invited filmmakers to distribute their work for free online through our specia
    • Staff Favorites August 2014: featuring "F L O A T I N G" by Greg Jardin
      As you may have heard, this summer was the worst Hollywood’s seen in over a decade. Fortunately, Vimeo was spared from such watching woes — our Staff Picks churned out online blockbusters all summer long. The arrival of August was accompanied by an epic time lapse from the hermit kingdom, a single-take projection mapping masterpiece and 'F L O A T I N G
    • iOS v4.2: Easily upload and share videos with friends
      Dearly beloved video believers, We are gathered here today in the presence of Blog so you may download the just-released Vimeo iOS update. Now you may join your iPhone in holy technology and be fruitful and multiply your video productivity as such: Easily upload from your Camera Roll Upload videos already on your iPhone or iPad directly to Vimeo in just a fe
    • A skateboarding spectacle
      Cy Kuckenbaker makes documentary videos that seem downright impossible. His latest, created in collaboration with Vimeo (that's us!) and a company you may have heard of called Microsoft, takes skateboarding as its subject matter. The scene is familiar: there's sun, concrete, and California vibes. But the uncanny choreography of grinds, airs, and fl

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