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    • Knowledge is power: Vimeo joins the Chilling Effects Clearinghouse
      We’re proud to announce that, starting today, Vimeo will begin participating in the Chilling Effects Clearinghouse project. Chilling Effects provides a “resource for understanding speech issues and legal complaints about online activity” by collecting and making available complaints regarding user-generated content under the U.S. Digital Millennium Copyright
    • Time to inhale some all-new High Maintenance
      That thing we’ve been hyping for months now? Yeah, it’s arrived. We’re delivering a fresh stash of High Maintenance episodes right to your computer screen, no calls or texts required. Season two of the critically acclaimed web series is now available on Vimeo On Demand. Not yet familiar with the show? Check out all the episodes from season one on Vimeo, incl
    • Join President Obama and Vimeo in demanding net neutrality
      Today, President Obama issued a statement calling for strong rules to ensure net neutrality. This is a BIG deal for people who think the Internet should be a place where innovation flourishes and consumers are in control, and Vimeo applauds President Obama for his leadership. President Obama’s proposal The President calls on the FCC to adopt clear rules that
    • Staff Favorites October 2014: Featuring Nelson de Castro
      Hello Vimeo! How was your Halloween? Did you dress up as something cool? I was a police officer. It wasn’t my best costume to date, but that’s okay. I kind of rushed putting it together because I was too busy watching kick-butt videos on the Staff Picks Channel all October. There were a lot of good videos this month, so we decided to make an Album of our abs
    • My Library: All your On Demand purchases in one perfect place
      Not long ago, our favorite canine film buff explained the ins and outs of watching your Vimeo On Demand purchases via your TV. Today he’s back with more tips for keeping track of all your purchased films and episodes — simply pay a visit to My Library. Actually, it’s your library. Allow Lowell to explain… We'll reveal more Vimeo On Demand magic in video

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